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Globalization and Sustainable Development
Linguistic and Cultural Diversity
People and Cultures of the World
Semiotics, Culture, and Communication
SouthAm: Latin American Media Library
Averroès : la médiathèque France-Maghreb

ARA’s audiovisual collections are available to everyone. They currently include 2585 hours of video on the major issues and topics in all disciplines of the human and social sciences. An international network composed of 3216 researchers, teachers, experts, professionals, artists and writers, social actors, decision-makers, and even just participants from over 70 countries have built an exceptional knowledge base in 15 languages. It is currently composed of 399 interviews, 238 colloquiums and study days, 89 research seminars, and 50 special reports and documentaries. 

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The Audiovisual Research Archives Program (ARA) of ESCoM welcomes you to its portal devoted to scientific and cultural heritage. ARA’s material covers all the human and social sciences and has an international focus on research, education, development, and intercultural dialogue.


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